Fabric Care

Fabric Care:


We recommend Scott Cleaners in Oklahoma City to clean your show clothing with leather, lycra and rhinestones. Please call them in advance to discuss your needs:


Scott Cleaners Corp. Office
1111 S.E. 25th Street
Oklahoma City, OK  73129

Ask for Scott, 405-672-7876 



Miss Karla’s Closet is an authorized dealer of Forever New.  We strongly suggest that you use Forever New products for all of your delicate hand washable items.


Forever New - Keep your horse show clothes clean and bright with Forever New. This concentrated blend gently lifts stains and soils while rinsing completely from the fabric leaving no soap residues to damage thread fibers. Forever New preserves fiber-flex and elasticity, allowing all fine garments to look new longer. Forever New is concentrated, HE formulated, biodegradable and contains no phosphates. A natural base of multiple sodas and citrus, our special formulation is highly effective and uniquely formulated for all types of washable fabrics. Forever New® Fabric Care Wash is a pure, organic fabric wash formulated to gently clean, brighten and promote longer life for all fine washables.  Forever New products contain no bleach, optical brighteners, and lanolin or petroleum products.


Ovacion - Keep your horse show clothes clean and bright with Ovacion.  Specially formulated to remove perspiration, body oils and stains for both hand and machine washing, it is great for dark fabrics. This delicately scented formula utilizes several premium and exclusive liquid ingredients to allow a quicker breakdown of perspiration, salts and body oils, while restoring elasticity and preserving softness. Ovación® is a rich, remarkably effective liquid that offers all the qualities and restorative power of the proven Forever New granular formulation.   Ovacion quickly restores the “newness” to lingerie, swimwear, horse show clothes and all colorfast fabrics.


Stain Remedy - Keep your horse show clothes free of stains with Stain Remedy. This unique blend is made of effective surfactants derived from coconut and palm kernels and has no harsh chemicals or solvents, so it can be used on any fabric that is colorfast. Stain Remedy® safely lifts blood, makeup, grease, crayon, red wine, fruit juice, baby formula, and other everyday stains. Stain Remedy® will remove the toughest stains from delicates to all types of fabrics without chemical bleaches.